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The Best I Am At What I Do

A Chris Jericho Community

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All Members , Moderated

Credit where credit is due!
1. Current header by the_archangel.
2. Current layout by deans_mate.
3. Current User Profile Layout by deans_mate.
4. Current affiliate banner by the_archangel.

About The Best I Am!
We aim to be the friendliest and best Jericho community on Livejournal, and welcome any and all discussion of Y2J, whether you're a hardcore WWF/WWE fan or a Fozzy one. Please feel free to post news, photos, videos, picspams and discussion points. Links to fanfiction on other comms or personal journals are welcome.

Note to users requesting membership: Normally we do not allow entry to people who have no entries on their personal LJ or are not a member of one of our affiliates or have a mutual friend at least in common. I use my judgment when I come across brand new LJ users. There are too many spammers about and my Comms have been clean of them so far so I think my judgment has paid off. Don't be offended if you get rejected, just become more active on LJ so we know what you're about.
1. No bashing of The Jerichoholics, we're supposed to be fans and coming together for a common reason.
2. No in-fighting or flaming amongst our members...be nice to each other!
3. All spoiler discussion must go behind a cut.
4. Picspams or graphics need to go behind a cut, but teasers are love.
5. All fanfiction needs to be linked out to other comms or personal LJs and also please put a warning on your post.
6. Use the appropriate tags so people can find your posts easily.
7. 3 teaser icons are allowed outside the cut.
8. Have fun!
Weekly Activities!
1. Y2J of the Day by relative_insane. Back up is slipp_up.
2. PPV and Shows Digitals by deans_mate. Back up is mellyweasel83.
3. Weekly picspam by relative_insane.
4. Weekly discussions, news and merchandise by still need someone to fill this.
5. Random Share the Y2J Day by ...
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